Five Things I Love About Myself


This title sounds awfully arrogant, but I think it’s important to celebrate these things. After a long period during which I was too busy attempting to pass my university course to write, I feel like it’s good to come back with the start of a new academic year.

While this one is very much about me, if you arrived at this blog looking for tips or something to help you through a long and difficult night, write one of your own. It doesn’t have to be a list of physical features, but if that’s what helps you, go for it.

Anyway, this is mine. These are things I want to celebrate.

  1. My Sense of Humour

It’s not always intentional and often I’m funny because I’ve done something mortifying, but I’m funny and I love that. I love that I can make other people laugh, particularly people who I find funny. Their laughter is always the biggest compliment. I’m sarcastic and sardonic, so not always the easiest person to be around, but I like to think there are other things which make up for it.

Such as…

2. My Mad Gift-Giving Skills

Now I’m not one to brag, but I can buy a hell of a gift. I believe we all have some small form of magic; my grandmother, for instance, can grow a tree from a clipping she took on a walk one day. Me? I can buy you the best damn birthday present you’ve ever received. I love doing it. Shopping for other people is often my favourite kind of shopping.

3. My Eyes

I have very dark eyes and it took me a while to get used to them. I have coffee beans for eyes. They change colour a lot. Sometimes, they’re darkest black and you can barely distinguish my iris from my pupil, sometimes if I let you get close enough, you can see flecks of onyx and amber and gold. Just occasionally, when the sun shines, they’re orange – well, copper, like the colour of new pennies.
They’re probably my favourite physical feature.

4. My Kitchen Skills

I am not known as a good cook. In fact, if you were to ask my nearest and dearest to list my talents, they might mention the odd cake that tasted O.K., but they’d be hard pushed to name a speciality dish. They would be wrong.
You see, my peanut-butter noodles, Marmite spaghetti, and slightly-slimy lime and past-its-best coconut curry are all meals I have made (and thoroughly enjoyed) with little preparation after sticking my head into the condiment cupboard and wondering which of these I can use with 164 types of pasta.
I’m an off-the-cuff cook who takes risks with her ingredients and I’d say eight and a half times out of ten, I pull off a culinary heist. It shouldn’t work. It should make your lips peel back from your gums in bitter disgust. It should probably have killed me. But by golly, it’s damn good.

5. My Relationship with Colour

I associate everything with colour – numbers, dates, memories, people, you name it – and I often use this to help me remember things. Colours are like Post-It Notes. Stepping into my mind, one imagines, must be like Dorothy walking into Munchkinland.
I just love colour. I’m not a classy monochrome person. If they make it in sunshine yellow, I’ll buy it in sunshine yellow because that’s the colour I associate with true, honest-to-God happiness and who I am. And I love that about my fine, tacky self.


When you’re feeling miserable, when you’re feeling like your cheat day has ruined your week, when you’re feeling like you can’t think of any reason you would want to hang out with you, list five things you love about yourself.
And if you can’t get to five, start somewhere else. Find five things you love or five people you’re grateful for, but promise you’ll come back to that first list once you’re in a more positive place and fill it out.

With (self)love,
B x

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