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Basically, yes.

Nobody said this was easy. Easy is eating half a packet of Custard Creams and then feeling guilty about it all night. And let’s not pretend I’m the only one of us who’s done it. This is going to be hard. This might be the hardest thing I’ve ever done and occasionally I will have a week during which I would rather be 412 stone and eat this biscuit than change into my workout gear and get the hell on with it. So I’ve promised myself rewards…treats, if you will.

I’ve gone for a reward for every half a stone. I felt like that was a reasonable goal, that I’d have something to look forward to every so often. These little treats vary in size and cost, but when I’ve had a hard half a stone, I’ll want a bigger reward.

Ideally, I’d like to lose a couple of stone. I’ve gone for more than enough in half stones so that I can pick and choose from the list.

  1. A Lush bathbomb (Preferably that red one that smells like leaves. I’m anyone’s for that.)
  2. The apron I’ve had my eye on for months
  3. An iTunes gift card (for new music to run to)
  4. An eyeshadow pallet from NYX
  5. Game of Thrones Season 4 on DVD
  6. A new dress
  7. Iron Fist shoes
  8. Superman passport cover (for the nomadic nerd)
  9. Duffy’s Feminine Gospels
  10. The Jungle Book OST (2016)
  11. Rather expensive underwear
  12. A day at the beach on a windy day with my camera
  13. Peter Mayle’s A-Z of Provence
  14. A ticket to the Harry Potter Studio Tour

You will notice that none of these are edible. It may well be that you’d like to reward yourself with a couple of squares of your favourite chocolate, but frankly, I just can’t trust myself to put down the Dairy Milk until I’ve eaten the equivalent weight of a small pony. So I have chosen to reward myself with things I am not allowed to buy until either I reach goal weight or I lose the half a stone to which they are attached.

More than providing me with an excuse to treat [my]self, these little gifts allow me to be kind to myself, to acknowledge this half a stone was tough or even if it wasn’t, that I have achieved it.

And that helps me stay on track. (That and any excuse for a book…)


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