An Apology

Well, well, well, it has been a while.  I can’t really tell you the reason I have been away – largely because I can only wish there was one. Truth is, I was going to allow myself my birthday away from the scales because I can go from “No thank you, just some carrots for me” to “Is that cake?” in 3.5 seconds and I wasn’t about feeling guilty on my birthday.

And yet here we are. Mid-June. To paraphrase the Cowardly Lion, “If I only had the will.”

Anyway, let’s put the mistakes of the past where they belong. See, holiday season is approaching and this year sees my first holiday in a warm clime in three years. It’s going to mean getting my trembling-like-blancmonge thighs out in front of people. I only have a month so let’s be real, my bottom is still going to be the size of a small independent nation, but I can do some damage limitation on the thigh-wobbling front. I’m going to look hot (sorry no, even hotter) in my swimsuit by July.

So to accompany my surge in motivation, here’s what to expect over the coming weeks.

Wednesday evenings: Weightloss update.

Friday evenings/Saturday mornings: The weekly blog post.

The goal is a stone by mid-July – the 19th to be exact. That gives me almost a month to the day. So without further ado, let’s smash this thing.

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